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Kathryn St. Clair

Kathryn St. Clair received her BFA in Studio Art with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin and received her MFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. She was awarded the William J. Fulbright Scholarship to Barcelona, Spain for Painting in 1997.

Kathryn moved to San Francisco in 1999 where she was active in a group studio of artists in the Mission and participated in seven years of the San Francisco Open Studios. Since moving to Sonoma County in 2008, her work has evolved from narrative prints and drawings to abstract painting and into her landscape-inspired work. Her paintings are currently represented by the SFMOMA Artists Gallery in San Francisco. Kathryn’s work has been placed in the Stanford University Medical Center and was commissioned by the U.S. Forest Service for a painting in their permanent collection. Kathryn’s current work is focused on drawings, watercolor, and oil on canvas landscapes of “imagined places” and abstract work.


Artist Statement

My work is about the delicate interconnectedness of living things, the struggle for dominance in ecosystems, and the state of flux in our world.

My process is an exploration of the elemental forces in nature affecting our shifting earth and environment. The water, atmosphere, light, and land are drifting, pulling apart, converging, ascending, and descending.

I am drawn to how light shifts our perception of what surrounds us, creating halos of soft diffusion or pockets of ambiguity. I am intrigued by patterns and distortions in landscapes- where images of what is 'real' and what is 'reflected' are set adrift or submerged in a nebulous space. I marvel at the mystery that exists in the shadows and the emergence of light from darkness. The light is truth.


Artist's Work

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