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Works for Good is an endeavor of the heart inspired by the most creative among us, The Artists and all of the good that they bring to the world.


Works for Good is an agent for prosumer activities designed to raise funds to feed people by matching dollars from each purchase to directly support the urgent work of World Central Kitchen.

Works for Good is an experiment in small batch, on demand, intentionally sourcing materials to create exceptional objets d'art.

I am an artist, an art worker, and an art wife. 

I have found the artist's journey is an honor to behold, a mystery to uncover (if invited to do so) and an opera of mind boggling proportions.  From my experience, making art happen in the world can be as simple as a gesture or as complicated as pulling UNESCO permits. 


Amplifying the talent and content of the art world, building audience around this vital work, engaging in prosumer activities and raising money to feed people — this is the good we are doing here.

Let's to some good work together.


AC Eclectic Creative Services Worldwide


Works for Good


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